Jasper Carrott’s Stand Up & Rock Palace Theatre, Redditch 17th May 2017

JASPER and his trusted band of friends left the Palace Theatre rocking as the Brummie comic once again impressed.

A combination of side-splitting material and 60s/70s music made for a great evening and left many wondering why we do not see more of Jasper on television.

Jasper provided the answer to such thoughts in his usual charismatic style along with many other anecdotes in a show which had the audience gripped.

Men were provided with some valuable tips about how to get inside the mind of a woman, whilst Jasper also reflected on the pitfalls of old age approaching.

Fans of the Beatles, ELO and many other bands were in for a treat as the line-up performed classics which did indeed have the crowd rocking.

Bev Bevan, The Move and ELO star and long-time friend of Jasper, showed he had lost none of his enthusiasm with a memorable performance on the drums, whilst Geoff Turton of Rockin’ Berries fame was a particular highlight.

Turton’s charisma was notable as he engaged cleverly with the audience in between singing and impressing on the guitar.

At the other end of the age scale, up and coming singing talent Suzi Woo was a welcome fresh face who wowed fans with covers including a memorable Aretha Franklin classic, and no doubt Suzi has a bright future in store.

Phil Tree, Tony Kelsey and Abby Brant all added to a fine occasion and there is little doubt this line-up will be standing up and rocking audiences for some time yet.

Original Review –   Redditch Standard  by  Liam Moakes 17th May, 2017 


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