Jasper Carrott’s Stand Up & Rock

featuring the BEV BEVAN BAND

Stand Up & Rock is back….The tour will see the legendary Jasper Carrott back with a new stand up show before introducing his musical compatriots that have been ‘rockin’ audiences all over the world. Bev Bevan, as well as being Jasper’s mate has rock star credentials that most dream of…founding member of The Move and ELO Bev’s band are one of the finest around.

So do not miss this unique show that gives the opportunity to see and hear great artistes belt out a night of fantastic songs and Jasper back where he belongs……making us laugh!!














“A completely packed Derngate was wowed indeed and almost everyone was up on their feet at the end. If you enjoy both Mr Carrott and that kind of 60s/70s music you are in for a treat”


“Jasper was fantastic, still one of the best stand up comedians. We need to see him more often. The band were also incredible and really made the show a complete event”. “This show was amazing from start to finish. Everyone in this line up were superb”
TicketMaster Reviews


“WOW what a fantastic night out – this was my first time seeing Jasper live although I have been a fan for a long time, Jasper was incredibly funny and the music was fantastic”
Trip Advisor Birmingham Town Hall


“This is a mult-media feelgood two-and-a-half-hour show that could run for as long as everyone wants it to”
Birmingham Mail


“Jasper at his old best, including his guitar ditties! The band were exceptional, far better than I’d expected. A really entertaining night.”
“Saw this event a few months ago in Basingstoke, such good fun I needed to see it again. Brilliant event and such great fun going on on the stage!!!”
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Tour Dates

Stand Up & Rock 2019

  • Sunday, March 17th Evesham at The Regal BUY TICKETS
  • Monday, March 18th Evesham at The Regal BUY TICKETS
  • Tuesday, March 19th Evesham at The Regal BUY TICKETS
  • Friday, March 22nd WARRINGTON at Parr Hall BUY TICKETS
  • Saturday, March 23rd KENDAL at Kendal Leisure Centre BUY TICKETS
  • Sunday, March 24th GLASGOW at Theatre Royal BUY TICKETS
  • Monday, April 1st BLACKPOOL at The Grand Theatre BUY TICKETS
  • Wednesday, April 3rd HEREFORD at Courtyard BUY TICKETS
  • Thursday, April 4th HEREFORD at Courtyard BUY TICKETS
  • Tuesday, April 9th HUDDERSFIELD at Kirklees Town Hall BUY TICKETS
  • Wednesday, April 24th LEICESTER at Curve Theatre BUY TICKETS
  • Thursday, April 25th SHEFFIELD at City Hall BUY TICKETS
  • Friday, April 26th NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE at Theatre Royal & City Hall BUY TICKETS
  • Saturday, April 27th WIGAN at The Edge BUY TICKETS
  • Wednesday, May 8th CARDIFF at St David’s Hall BUY TICKETS
  • Friday, May 10th EASTBOURNE at Congress Theatre BUY TICKETS
  • Wednesday, May 15th DERBY at Derby Theatre BUY TICKETS
  • Thursday, May 16th DERBY at Derby Theatre BUY TICKETS
  • Saturday, May 18th BURNLEY at Burnley Mechanics BUY TICKETS
  • Sunday, May 19th BURNLEY at Burnley Mechanics BUY TICKETS
  • Monday, June 10th CANTERBURY at Marlow Theatre BUY TICKETS
  • Tuesday, June 11th BROMLEY at Churchill Theatre BUY TICKETS