Jasper Carrott and Alistair McGowan bring new tour to Brighton Theatre Royal

“I didn’t really known Alistair”, says Jasper. “We may have met briefly, but they put us together at the Henley Festival. There was a tent with 800 seats, and they didn’t have anything to put on. They asked me, but at that stage, I didn’t fully have my act up and running with the material. I said I didn’t want to do the whole thing, and so they asked would I share with Alistair McGowan.


“And the great thing is that I have got a bit of form with impressionists. In the mid-90s, I did nearly 300 shows with Phil Cool, and that worked incredibly well because the types of humour were so different. And so I did the show with Alistair, and it was great. I can’t absolutely explain it hook and nail, but it is that difference that counts. When he does his impressions, Alistair is not him. He changes. When I come on, obviously I am me, and I do quite a personal show. Alistair does half an hour and then I do half an hour, and then he does half an hour again and then I do another half an hour, and with Alistair, he is very rarely himself. He morphs. I am always myself – and the two different approaches go well together.”

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